Aam Ka Murabba Recipe

Aam Ka Murabba Recipe. Mango Murabba or Kairi ka Murabba by Kitchen With Amna


Raw Mango 1 Kg
Sugar 1 Kg
Water 1+1/4 Cups
Salt 1/2 tsp
Green Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp


Step 1: Peeling the Mangos and Cut into Large Slices.

Step 2: Take a pot and add sugar and add water and add mango slices and stir it on medium flame until sugar is melted properly. After that cover with lid and cook for 20 minutes on medium to low flame.

Step 3: After that remove the lid and stir it and add salt, Green Cardamom Powder and stir it and cook for 5 to 10 minutes on medium flame Without lid.

Step 4: After that turn off the flame and leave it for 1 hour. When it become into room temperature then take a glass jar or any airtight container and put it into this and preserve it for 1 year.

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