Bakery Style Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Bakery Style Chicken Drumsticks Recipe 2021 Ramadan Recipes for Iftar by Kitchen With Amna

Today I am making Bakery Style Chicken Drumsticks Recipes at Home For Ramadan Iftar Time Or Eid Dawat. New 2021 Ramadan Recipes by Kitchen With Amna. Ramadan Recipes for Iftar or Dawat e Eid.


Chicken Drumstick 6
Potato 4 (Boiled)
Soya Sauce 1 tbsp
Chili Flakes 1/2 tsp
Onion 1 (Chopped)
Green Coriander 2 tbsp
Chili Sauce 1 tbsp
Ginger Powder 1/4 tsp
Garlic Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Green Chili 2 (Chopped)
Eva Cooking Oil
Eggs 2
Plain Flour

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