1. Hey , its really look amazin , i’ll doit but would u plzzz tell me :1 cup of flour ,how many grams it has ????? Cos u know da cup diferents from country 2 another !!!, tanks in advance!

  2. Hey amina, assalam ualaikum wrwb.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have one question before i start, by plain flour do you mean atta or maida?
    Would greatly appreciate your response,
    Thanks once again!

  3. Assalamoalaikum Amna Kindly share which oven you are using gas or electric and the brand too. You are amazing!

  4. hiiii there ,
    i am ashish from lucknow , and i have cake rusk factory
    the problem which i am facing is that the cake rusk produced from my firm have a very poor look i mean that the net of the rusk is not good and hence i am not getting good responce from market kindly give me solution….and please tell which colour i should use….

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