Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe

Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe. Easy Soup Recipes by Kitchen With Amna

How to make Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe at Home. A Easy Soup Recipe by Kitchen With Amna. A Step by Step Complete Recipe of Chicken Noodles Soup by Amna Riaz.


Chicken 1/2 Kg
Carrot 2 (Chopped)
Eggs 2
Green Onion 1 (Chopped)
Garlic Cloves 2
Ginger 2 inch
Salt 1 tsp
Capsicum 1 (Chopped)
Cabbage 1/2 (Chopped)
Noodles 1 Cup (100 gms)
Chilli Sauce 1 tbsp
Soya Sauce 1 tbsp
Vinegar 1 tbsp
Black Pepper Powder 1/2 tsp
Water 10 Cups


Step 1: Take a pot and add 10 cups of water and add salt, Garlic Cloves, Ginger, Green Onion, Chicken and cook it for 30 minutes on medium flame.

Step 2: After that strainer it (and shredded the chicken) and then put again chicken stock into the pot and add Carrot, Capsicum, Cabbage, Noodles and stir it and cook it for 10 minutes on medium flame.

Step 3: After that add shredded chicken and stir it well and then add Black Pepper Powder, Soya Sauce, Chilli Sauce and stir it and then add 2 egg white gradually with stir. After that add Vinegar and stir it and turn off the flame. Your Chicken Noodles Soup is Ready.

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