Dalgona Coffee Recipe Without Machine

Dalgona Coffee Recipe Without Machine. How to make Dalgona Coffee by Kitchen With Amna

Today I am making Famous Dalgona Coffee Recipe With 2 Method a Complete Detailed Video by Kitchen With Amna. Without Machine Dalgona Coffee.


Coffee (Classic) 2 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Hot Water 2 tbsp
Milk 1 Cup


Step 1: Take bowl and add Coffee, Sugar, Hot Water and beat it well for 5 minutes on low speed or until it becomes creamy and whipy.

Step 2: After that take a glass/cup and add milk and add sugar and mix it well and then add 2 tbsp whipped coffee from step 1 and sprinkle chocolate chips or cocoa powder or coffee powder and serve it.

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  1. Dear Amna,i want to ask one thing that if i had putten more a little more water than the ingredients what should i do to make it better.Hoping for your solution.

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