Mango Custard Trifle Recipe

Mango Trifle Recipe. Mango custard trifle easy dessert recipe by Kitchen With Amna


Milk 1 Litre
Sugar 8 tbsp
Milk 1/2 Cup
Mango Custard 4 tbsp
Mango Jelly 1 Packet
Orange Jelly 1 Packet
Banana Jelly 1 Packet
Mango 2 (Chunks)
Plain Cake (as you required)
Whipped Cream (as you required)


Step 1: Take a pot and add 1 litre milk and boiled it and then add sugar and melt it and then take a bowl and add Mango Custard 4 tbsp and Milk 1/2 Cup and mix it well and add into the milk and stir it for 1 minute on medium to low flame. After that your Custard is ready.

Step 2: Now take a trifle serving dish/bowl and place first layer of plain cake and then add custard and then add mango chunks and then add next layer of Banana, Orange and Mango jelly and then add custard and mango chunks and then cover with whipped cream and decorating with orange jelly and mango chunks. Your Mango Custard trifle is ready.

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