Mango Ice Cream Recipe With 3 Ingredients

Mango Ice Cream With 3 Ingredients. Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe by Kitchen With Amna


Mango 3 (Chooped)
Fresh Cream 400ml
Condensed Milk 300ml


Take a blender jar and add mango and blend it well and make puree. After that take a bowl and add cream and beat it for 2 minutes and then add Condensed Milk and beat it again for 2 minutes and then add mango puree and slightly beat it or fold it. Your ice cream batter is ready. Now take a ice cream box and put ice cream batter and cover it and freeze it into freezer for 1 day. After that Your Mango Ice Cream is Ready.


  1. are you using condense milk with sugar or the condense milk without sugar?
    It looks delicious. I would like to make this so please answer my question.

    I love all your recipes they always turn out amazing.

    Thank you for all your teaching.

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