Mango Squash Recipe

A Perfect Mango Squash Recipe. Homemade Mango Squash by Kitchen With Amna


Sindhri Mango 1.5 Kg
Sugar 1 Kg
Lemon Salt / Citric Acid 1 tbsp
Water 1 Litre


Step 1: First peeled and cut mangoes in small pieces and then blend it and make mango puree.

Step 2: Now take a pot and add sugar and water and use medium flame and cook it until it become melted and then add Lemon Salt / Citric Acid and stir it and cook it further for 2 minutes with stir. After that turn off the flame and add mango puree (from Step 1) and mix it well. Your mango squash is ready and You can preserved it for 3 months in air tight bottle.

Step 3: Method of serve. For this take a jag and add 2 glass water and add 1/2 Cup mango squash and shake it well. Your mango squash is ready for drinking.

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