Mcdonald’s Style French Fries Freeze For 6 Months

Mcdonald’s Style French Fries Freeze For 6 Months. How to make French Fries by Kitchen With Amna

How to make Mcdonald’s Style French Fries Recipe at Home and Freeze For 6 Months. Crispy French Fries Recipe by Kitchen With Amna.


Potatoes 1 kg
Salt 1 tbsp
Water as you Required for wash
Oil as You Required for fry


Step 1: First cut the potato into finger shape and then take a large bowl and put this potatoes and wash with water 3 time. (Change the water 3 times)

Step 2: Now take a pot and add water as you required and then add 1 tbsp salt and slightly warm it (not boiled) and then put the all potatoes and cook/slightly boil it for 5 minutes on medium flame.

Step 3: After that take a cotton cloth and spread it and dry it well. After that take a karahi and put oil as you required for fry and preheat it well. After that fry the potatoes for 3 to 4 minutes on high flame, and then spread on a tray and freeze it for 1 hour in freezer.

Step 4: After that take a plastic bag and put this potatoes and cover it and you can freeze it for 6 months into freezer. Now your frozen french fries is ready. When you want, you can fry it into preheat oil on high flame until it become into light golden color and you can serve it with tomato kectups and sprinkle some chaat masala.

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